Vytina, a well-known mountain holiday resort, has been the leader in Arcadia’s tourist activity for many years and is always the mainland’s jewel as its lovers and those who have not yet visited it. Beautiful, cool, tranquil, green and picturesque, civilized and hospitable, Vitina remains the great lady of the tourist development of the prefecture of Arcadia. It spreads tangibly in Mainalo, the firs delimit and flavor it with that particular smell and freshness that is hardly forgotten, and they endow it with its rare climate, which for years was considered a healing soul and body. Mansion and beautiful Vitina, with its old stone houses, its picturesque narrow streets, its lively square with its old church, its tree-lined walkways, its woods and its countryside, rewards its visitor with unforgettable holidays. Around it in short distances, there are villages of amazing beauty, rivers, springs, historical monuments, monasteries, magical places worth exploring. But the most important advantage of holidays in Vytina is that here the visitor is particularly honored with a high level of tourist hospitality.