Tyros Arkadias is a seaside tourist place in the Eastern Peloponnese.

The name of Tyros comes from the sanctuary of Apollo Tyritis, it is a local ancient deity worshiped. The site of the sanctuary is located on the top of the hill Prophet Elias just a few kilometers from Tyros. The finds from there are today in the museums of Sparta, Tripoli, the Benaki Museum as well as the Louvre Museum. Tyros Arkadi inhabited since prehistoric times, “Cyclopean walls” of ancient Komi Tyros ruins of a prehistoric castle, there are even today and you can easily visit on a beautiful hike not more than 30 minutes. The fortified settlement supervised the ancient harbor located in Karavostasi 500 meters from today’s position on the road leading to the three Mills. Until a few decades ago there were the trails of the ships. Tyros is one of the oldest maritime cities of Peloponnese sailors of at least 2000 years ago had come to Phenicia Eastern Mediterranean.