Syros is
an island of the Cyclades. Its capital is Ermoupolis, which is the capital of the Region of South Aegean and former Cyclades. Syros developed especially after 1826, when they settled refugees from Psara, Chios, Crete and Asia Minor. There navy, industrial and cultural center of the new Greek state.

The island is located in the central part of the Cyclades and is located 83 nautical miles from Piraeus and 62 from tiRafina. Its area is 84 069 sq ..
Syros was inhabited since prehistoric times (3rd millennium BC), as evidenced by findings in the areas Chalandriani and Kastri.

Especially in Chalandriani found more than 600 graves with offerings and Kastri found fortified settlement with a major residential and commercial activity. certain findings also convince the existence machining workshops and testify of the Syrian relations with the coast of Asia Minor at the time. The investigations found traces of plant and in other parts of the island.
The heyday of the classical world, Syros was of secondary importance, however, joined the Athenian alliance.

During the Roman period (184 BC-324 AD), the capital of Syros was located at modern Ermoupoli. The remains of the capital and the currencies of Syros testify development. Circulation copper coins found on the island from the 3rd century BC, while cutting silver coins are particularly interesting in the 2nd century BC .. But especially after 1990 a new flourishing period began for the island. Ermoupolis won rather unexpectedly increased tourism, gained the reputation of a city – living museum thanks to hundreds of mansions and private and public buildings and squares, while proportional growth experienced and small coastal villages of the island as Galissas, Finikas, iPoseidonia, Vari , Kini, Agathopes and others.