Nature’s stronghold to bolster the senses and fortify your passion

In the depths of the Peloponnese lies a region where the landscape is raw and powerful, a wilderness of unsullied, feral beauty to ignite your passions and put instinct firmly in the driver’s seat. Mani is a place where you can shed all your inhibitions and run wild with the elements.
Surrounded by scenery of such breathtaking drama, with jagged coastlines thrusting out to sea, secret coves haunted by the ghosts of pirates, imposing mountain peaks, exotic subterranean worlds and translucent waters washing onto golden beaches, how could you possibly fail to be carried away by the romance of this unique destination. Its architecture, hewn from the earth itself, will also stir fantasies of gallant knights and tales of undying devotion with tiny chapels, castles, temples and of course the famous towers of Mani which decorate the horizon.