The capital of the prefecture, a transport hub and a shopping mall, Lamia is built on the southwest slopes of Othris, near the Sperhios River. According to mythology, the city was founded by Lamos, son of Hercules and Ophalis, or Lamia, the daughter of Poseidon and the queen of the Thracians. It was first mentioned in history in 426 BC, when a devastating earthquake struck Thessaly. In 191 BC. the Romans were overwhelmed. Since then its decline has been dated. In the Byzantine period, the castle was built, and parts of its ancient walls were incorporated. In the 8th century. took the name Zitouni. In Frankish rule, Lamia belonged to the Doukas of Athens and later to the Catalans. The inhabitants rose against the Turks on April 8, 1821, led by Athanasios Diakos and Dyvouniotis. The city was finally liberated in 1832. Then she took back her ancient name, Lamia. In 1941 he suffered disasters from the German aviation bombardment. From Lamia came Aris Velouchiotis (Athanasios Claras), the leading figure of the National Resistance 1941-1944. Lamia has 46,406 inhabitants.