K.Samiko is located at 25km. National Road Pyrgos-Kyparissias and has 495 inhabitants. It is a village poor from inhabitants but rich in beauty, history and development. A village that no matter what you look at is fascinating with its sights.

Separate view, beauty but great history has the famous castle on the top of “Lapitha” located southwest of the village. A castle built from our protagonists with stony titanium stones that are placed with terrible art that challenges us to ask how much trouble, labor and sweat it took to complete the walls, and without any contextual stuff. The view from Lapitha is indescribable, as in front of our feet unfolds the plain with the crops of the village peasants who look like a well-made workbooth.

Descending the road to the beach opens the beautiful forest of the creep, where we cross it, end up at the enchanting beach of Kato Samiko with the endless sandy beach and the crystal clear sea which is 1km away. from the village. Once a small path led to the beach on foot or for the lucky ones with a tractor. But now the asphalt road, the two large parking spaces with both canteens, make it easy for the world to access the beach easily, quickly and rested under the umbrellas and sunbeds where you can enjoy the morning coffee, sunset until your drink under the light of the moon