Divided in Ancient and New Epidaurus. The distance between them is only 8 km.

– Ancient Epidaurus is builted over the ancient city of Epidaurus, among pine mountains and the sea. It has a natural harbor, next to which there is the peninsula “Island” where lies the small ancient theater of Epidaurus.

– New Epidaurus is built on rocky slopes, near the canyon Vovyla. In New Epidaurus became in 1821 the first National Assembly of the Greeks,of the just liberated Greek state. Epidaurus was chosen by Ancient Greeks to found Asklipio therapeutic center of antiquity, and also the most important theater where glorified the ancient drama which is still starring in the cultural life of our country today.


The Epidaurus municipality except the Ancient and New Epidaurus includes the  villages Dimena, Adami, Koliaki, Agios Dimitrios, Arcadian and Trachea. Seat of the municipality is Lygourio. Other settlements in the municipality is Vothyki, the Kalyveika, a Koutroumpeika, the Mataraga, the Giannouleika, Red, Saint Andrew, the Chountouleika, the Spileia the Mercouri Hani, Asclepius, the Stamateika, the Anastasopouleika, the Gatzis the Agios Nikolaos, the public, and the Virgin Cave.

Ancient Epidaurus Theatre

The revival of ancient drama begins to take flesh and bones at the start of the wars,with the establishment of the troupe Professional Theatre School. A little later the National Theatre was founded, while in 1936 the Metaxas Government establishes annual presentations of ancient drama in open-air theaters. Leading artists of the theater and music, visit theater of Epidaurus and organize individual performances. The Second World War interrupted the development of the theater. Returns to the scene in 1954 with the establishment of the Epidaurus Festival of Constantine Karamanlis Government. At first  only three performances of “Hippolytus” by Euripides were uploaded and official opening of the institution was at 19.06.1955 from the National Theatre,with the “Hecuba” by Euripides, directed by Minotis and starring Paxinou. Since then they have presented almost all ancient tragedies, comedies and satirical dramas that have survived.

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