ENJOY s.a has provided services to thousands of consumers since 2005 and has collaborated with the largest companies, associations and organizations.

ENJOY s.a has entered the tourism sector with great success and is well-known for the correctness of its rules but also for its implementation, with no commissions and extra burdens for businessmen, and benefits to consumers-tourists.

This social benefit to the economy was accepted with satisfaction and joy by everyone across the country, and we continue …


The TOURIST CARD OF GREECE in collaboration with more than 1200 companies nationwide, offers the following branches without exceptions and dates, impeccable service with the following benefits:


  • Hotels 15-20% better price on your stay!
  • Restaurants 8-20% better price, up to 12 people in the whole account immediately!
  • City tours 15% better price!
  • Multi-day cruises 15% better price!
  • One-day cruises to 3 islands with a full menu 15% better price!
  • Boat and yacht rentals 20% better price!
  • Εxcursions 50% better price with meals, full menu!
  • Events the best price on the market, perfect organization with 10 years of experience!
  • Every Friday full menu with great prices, in selected restaurants!