Rhodes is a Greek island located in the southeastern part of the Aegean Sea. It is situated about 350 km southeast of Athens.

The Medieval city of Rhodes, within the modern city of Rhodes, is one of the best preserved medieval cities in the world and has been included in the World Heritage sites of UNESCO, since 1988.

The island of Rhodes is located at the crossroad of two major sea routes of the Mediterranean Sea, between the Aegean Sea and the coast of the Middle East such as Cyprus and Egypt, which made the island a meeting point of many cultures.

The most famous sight was the Colossus, one of the seven wonders of the world, which was built between 304 BC. – 293 AC. by the sculptor Chares from Lindos. The construction of the Colossus took 12 years and was completed in 282 BC.

The “Emerald Island” is visited every year by thousands of tourists from all parts of the world who want to enjoy the sea, nature and other popular attractions such as:

  • The Old (Medieval) Town of Rhodes.
  • The Palace of the Grand Master, or Kastello, which operates as a Museum.
  • The medieval moat around the Old City.
  • The Archaeological Museum which is housed in the medieval building of the Hospital of the Knights.
  • The Acropolis of Rhodes.
  • The Fort of Agios Nikolaos.
  • The Aquarium in the city of Rhodes.
  • Rodini Park.
  • Filerimos hill, where the acropolis of the ancient city of Ialyssos was situated.
  • Ancient Kamiros.
  • The Valley of the Butterflies.
  • The Valley of Seven Springs.
  • Kallithea Springs.
  • Panagia Tsambika – “Psili”.
  • Faraklos Castle in Archangelos village.
  • The cave of Archangelos.
  • “Elafos and Elafina” hotel complex in mount Prophet Elias
  • The Acropolis of Lindos.
  • The traditional settlement of Lindos.
  • The castle of Monolithos.
  • The castle of Kritinia.
  • Prasonisi.
  • The marble boat of Panagia Skiadeni.
  • The church of “Panagia of the Castle” (11th century).
  • The church of Agios Fanourios (14th century).