Time stops in Nafpaktos. What has passed and what still exists merge as a colourful tapestry of images you cannot draw your eyes away from.

It is one of a few cities in Greece that has survived for 30 centuries of turbulent history, imprinted forever on its monuments. Built at the foot of Pindos, it is embraced reassuringly by its mighty Castle, whose walls reach down to the Corinthian Gulf. It is a picturesque city with neighborhoods to match, full of warm, welcoming inhabitants and it lies in a historic region whose visitors are treated all year round to spectacular mountain ranges,  traditional villages and beaches with crystal clear waters.

Things to do in Nafpaktos

The Venetian harbour
Amongst the most beautiful and picturesque harbours of the country; it will be love at first sight. It’s a meeting point for the locals and this is where you will enjoy a coffee in the shade of the plane trees with a view of the sea surrounded by the Venetian walls of the Castle.

On the way to the Castle…
Starting at the harbour and making your way along steepening cobbled streets, passing through neighbourhoods with gardens in bloom, the climb to the lofty fortress that is Nafpaktos castle is a very fascinating one. On the way you will come across Botsaris’ Tower, an impressive 15th century building serving as a museum and the town clock dating from 1914. The castle itself, while acclaimed for its beauty throughout Europe, also represents one of the best preserved examples of fortification of this type in Greece. The view from the top of the hill to the sea, where the impressive Bridge of Rio-Antirio rises from the water, is unique.

Let your imagination travel and see in your mind’s eye the Sea Battle of Nafpaktos raging. It was the decisive battle through which the coalition of the European powers put paid to Turkish dominance in the Mediterranean.

Down by the sea

The two beaches of the city, Psani and Gribovo, stand out for the centenarian plane trees which sway along to the sound of the waves, treasuring the memories of several generations. Both beaches, having won the distinction of a blue flag, offer you hours of revitalization in their azure waters as well as an opportunity for relaxing strolls.

Antirrio Castle
The castle of ‘Roumeli’, as it used to be called, was built at the sea’s edge in the 15th century. Today, you could be forgiven for imagining it stretching out to join forces with its impressive counterpart on the northern shore of the Peloponnese; not surprising really when you think that both the castles of Nakpaktos and Antirio were the tireless guardians of the Corinthian Gulf for centuries. Cultural events, especially in the summer, have now replaced some of the more brutal exploits of the past!