Kyparissia is built amphitheatrically at the foot of Mount Psychro, surrounded by vineyards and olive groves. It is divided into the Old (Upper) Town, which is a listed traditional settlement, and the New (Lower) City, with excellent urban planning.

Kyparissia, with a wealth of interesting sights, attracts visitors. Endless olive groves, turquoise waters, majestic castles, historical monuments and places of inexhaustible natural beauty make up a unique setting that captivates every visitor. On the sandy beaches of Kyparissia, the caretta-caretta turtle finds shelter. In Kyparissia you can walk to the picturesque traditional cobblestone streets and enjoy fiery sunsets. Kyparissia visitors can also take excursions to the surrounding areas, admire unique sights and visit great archaeological sites.

Kyparissia has, among other things, a variety of wonderful beaches that satisfy all tastes. Here you will find sandy beaches but also pebble beaches, cosmopolitan but also isolated and quiet. In Kyparissia you can enjoy the sun and the sea in the clear blue-green waters of Kyparissiakos Gulf and indulge in water sports, enjoying moments of relaxation and relaxation. It is worth visiting the beach of  Saint Lagoudis, which has been awarded the Blue Flag.