Kefalonia is an island with rich history and mythology. The strange geological phenomena in combination with the mountainous terrain and the “water” paths  give the island a stunning and unique beauty but the history of Kefalonia starts centuries ago.


Argostoli is the capital of Kefalonia, the largest city in Kefalonia and in the region of the Ionian Islands. It is located in the centre of the southern side of the island.


The first thing you will encounter in Argostoli is the stone bridge. It’s a monument, that looks like a small pyramid, dedicated to Charles de Bosse, the manufacturer. ( the picture right below). Nowadays it is under repair and used only by pedestrians. If you stand in the middle of the bridge you can see the Governor, the Archaeological Museum, the Library, the Court, the Municipal Theatre and many  neoclassical buildings. Continuing our tour in Kefalonia,  in the coastal road you meet the city market with the greengrocers and the fish market. After our morning walk ,we continue the wonderful promenade made with peddles (picture top left) with the palm trees. On the right side towards the sea, we will find many Greek and other visitors’ boats tied up in the harbor.  It is worth mentioning that since the summer of 2009 will be ready the newlarge harbor wharf, where visitors can tie up safely.


Argostoli is the main shopping street of the city, with many shops. There you will find the church of Saint Spyridon and the clock in the square  Kabana. In the Archaeological Museum you can admire findings  from the Mycenaean period, ancient coins, bronze swords, sculptures and ceramics. Unforgettable will remain your visit to  the Folk Museum-  where you will feel that you are living in another era. Wonderful lace, linen with family monograms, various personal items, furniture, silver cutlery, agricultural tools, etc. Do not forget to go to the library with 50,000 volumes. Within walking distance you reach the theater” Mullet”  built on the site of the pre-earthquake theater. It is one of the best theaters of Greece with excellent structure. Following the road with palm trees you meet the Philharmonic School, and further down you can see the house of K. Marinos Kosmetatos, the only mansion