A seaside town with an intense island color, picturesque Vonitsa looks over the Amvrakikos bay.

Vonitsa, a town of Aitoloakarnania, dominates the southern side of Amvrakikos, is inhabited by some 4,500 people and is one of the most touristic parts of Aitoloakarnania.

The imposing castle, the picturesque island of Koukoumitsas, the hospitable people, as well as the island atmosphere enchant every passerby that then falls in love with this place.

Vonitsa is built very close to the ancient Anaktorio, a commercial colony of Corinth, founded around 630 BC. on a peninsula near Aktio. Like most cities in Acarnania, it collapsed when the Romans founded Nikopolis on the opposite side of Amvrakikos and forced the locals to move there. Over time, in the Byzantine years the city flourished again, with the name Vonitsa this time and at the exact point where it is today. During the Ottoman domination the city passed for a long time under the control of the Venetians, in particular from 1684 to 1797. In 1832 it was part of the new Greek state.