Endowed with incomparable natural beauty, long history and cultural achievements, this destination constitutes an inexhaustible well of experiences.

On the slopes of Mt Vermion, covered in fir, chestnut, beech and linden trees, and bordered to the northeast by the Pieria mountains and the river Aliakmonas, lies Veria. Through the centuries, the greater Veria region, the green and pleasant land of the ancient Macedonians, has handed down the treasures of a glorious history to the next generations.

Over the course of 2500 years, each era and its associated culture has left its imprint in every corner of the land. They survive and thrive through the habits and customs of different neighbourhoods, in works of art and the local cuisine. Wander around the alleyways of history; harken to the spirit of past times in a city that makes a worthy contemporary heir to its priceless heritage. All year round, the visitor is offered numerous opportunities for religious, archaeological and nature loving tourism.

What to do in Veria

Aigai-Vergina Museum
Aigai used to be the cradle of the Temenid dynasty, which gave humanity two of its most imposing figures in Philip II and ultimately Alexander the Great, who would go on to change the course of Greek and world history.

The visit to the Museum of the Royal Tombs of Aigai is a unique, unprecedented experience that excites, moves and edifies. In the underground building that encases and protects the monuments, the visitor can unravel the threads of history and myth. The illuminated ancient objects shine all the more brightly in the dark and mysterious atmosphere that pervades there.

The sight of Philip II’s tomb and the treasures exhibited near the place where they were found leaves every visitor speechless with admiration and awe. The golden shrine with the sixteen pointed star, the sovereign’s gold wreath, his wife’s gold crown, her crimson and gold shroud and the unique frescoes are just a sample of some of the exquisite masterpieces you will witness.

In Aigai, the excavations of archaeologist M. Andronicos brought a whole new chapter of history to light! As a worthy successor to his father’s throne, Alexander the Great sought to glorify the legacy of his predecessor and carve out his own immortal tale.

The traditional 19th century neighbourhoods
Barbouta, the Jewish neighbourhood, retains its special character with the ornate stately homes, the simple houses with the inscriptions in Hebrew and the Synagogue building. In Kyriotissa, the Christian neighbourhood, admire the Byzantine churches, walk along the alleys of the Old Town and visit the Folklore Museum in a renovated stately home.

The Podium of Saint Paul the Apostle
St Paul preached in Veria in the 1st century AD where he was warmly welcomed by the residents. This historic monument is a landmark for Christians all over the world.

Skiing centres

For the lovers of winter sports the Seli National Ski Centre and 3-5 Pigadia, lend themselves to both tourist and athletic skiing. The modern facilities, prime weather conditions, the unobstructed horizon and copious sunshine offer the visitor moments of fun and revitalization. Both areas are ideal during the spring and summer months for mountain climbing, mountain biking and hiking as they are crossed by the European E4 footpath.