The small port town of Astakos is the link between the mainland region of Aetoloacarnania and the Ionian Islands. Astakos is a town of neoclassical grandeur and great vitality, worth a visit for its historical monuments, but also for its beautiful beaches. It offers good food in restaurants and taverns and you can stay in beautiful hotels.

It took its name from the ancient king Astakos.

Built picturesque, combines in its wider area all three gnomes: mountain, sea and plain. The mountainous beauty with its rich biodiversity, the alternating ecosystems from north to south, combined with the iono-peculiar charm, make for the visitor an enticing proposition, offering the possibility of many alternative forms of activities and being the link between Acarnania and the Ionian Islands.

It is a city with history, special character and liveliness, worth visiting for its historical monuments, its sights, but also for its beautiful beaches.


At the foot of the hill, under the castle of Astakos, there is the “Cave of Cyclops”, a huge cave at a steep and inaccessible point, where it is said that the famous Cyclops Polyphimos lived with his flock, which Odysseus and his companions of.

It is also worth visiting the ancient city of Astakos, in the B-BA of the present city, at the top of the Castle, where there are the ruins and cyclopean walls of the ancient fortified Akarnan city, which was named after. At a distance of 200 meters west of the fortification gate, on the hillside, is the six-stoned, amphiprostyle temple of Karaou Zeus.